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Professional Resume Services

Our professional resumes are designed to highlight your Unique Personal Brand to place you at the top of the employers’ applicant tracking system, highlighting key words and accomplishments, while ensuring proper grammar and modern format. Fees are based on a client’s level of employment, resume style, and number of years of work experience.

Senior-Level Career Transition

Senior clients represent the top of the corporate ladder and are hired based on their expertise in their respective industries. Their resumes are written to project their vision, leadership, and abilities to chart the direction of the company. Since they are held responsible for the success or failure of the company, we strive to demonstrate their problem solving abilities, creativity, productivity, accomplishments and success. 

Mid-Level Career Transition

Mid-Level clients are generally highly trained in their perspective career field and highly knowledgeable of the facets of their industry. The focus of their resume is placed on their work style and management style, industry knowledge, and accomplishments. 

Image by Dallas Reedy
Image by STIL

Professional Level Career Transition

Professionally Designed Resumes are written to demonstrate the client’s work-related skills and their industry knowledge. The client’s potential is still important at this level; however, the emphasis is placed on the client’s transferable skills, work and management responsibilities. 

Entry/College-Level Career Transition

Entry level resumes are generally written to project the client’s career and personal potential. Employers primarily select individuals at this level based on their employment potential including education, abilities, academic skills and personality type.

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